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The different targeting options OnClickA offers. Common mistakes you should avoid when utilizing targeting options. We also give tips to properly utilize targeting option.

How to Utilize Advanced Targeting Options

When utilizing an advanced targeting option you must be as precise as possible, because it is the most difficult and crucial step in creating an affiliate campaign. Advanced targeting options allow you to tailor who sees your advertisement.


In online marketing, precise targeting is your secret weapon for getting your message in front of the correct individuals. It works like a laser, focusing your effort on the most receptive audience. Those who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer will reduce wasted ad spending and ensure that your viewers only see advertisements that are relevant to them. By targeting the proper audience you will see an increase in click-through rates, conversion, and return on investment. Targeting is more than just simply maximizing performance it also builds brand trust by demonstrating an awareness of your audience's wants. As an added plus it gives you vital data for refining your marketing strategy, making it a win-win for you and your intended audience.

OnClickA puts the power of targeting in your hands, letting you target the right audience for your ads. Aside from the primary targeting using GEO on OnClickA you can choose between showing your ads on a website with mostly content or sticking to the general sites. On top of that, you can build a list of websites you specifically want your ads to appear on, or block certain ones you don't, we call this blacklist and whitelist. There is also an option to target by device, so you can choose whether to show your ads to people on their computers, phones, or tablets. By mixing and matching these options you can make sure your message is reaching the people who are likely to buy or have interest in your product.  

Understanding Targeting Options

The primary marketing idea is to deliver ads to the right people, and OnClickA can help you with this through our advanced targeting options. Before we dive deep, it is important to remember that you need to narrow down your audience first so you can properly utilize the advanced ad targeting we offer. Here are some few tips for optimizing these targeting parameters based on your campaign objectives and audience preferences:

Tips for optimizing these targeting parameters

Tip # 1

Target with focus, it involves identifying the right audience, their interests, preferences, and behaviors, if you do this you have a higher chance to serve your ad to audiences who are interested and likely to engage with your ad.

Tip # 2

If you have multiple advertisements, make sure that none of them has a similar target audience–unless you are testing different content or creatives and approaches for some particular offer– because your ads may compete against each other instead of complementing each other's performance. This can lead to poor ad delivery, higher advertising costs, and inefficient use of your budget.

Tip # 3

Take advantage of all the advanced targeting options that we offer, such as the micro-bidding, whitelist or blacklist, main parameters, and many more.

Tip # 4

Lastly, you can play around. What we mean with play around is to test what works for you and your campaigns and remove low performing parameters. What we mean here is that if a certain ad is not performing well on the browsers you choose, you might consider doing research and changing it based on the result of your research. Align it closely with your campaign goal to ensure that you are actually targeting the right audience.

Tip # 5

This is an additional tip, for your advertisement to be successful it has to have a strong backbone. What we mean by backbone, is the ad network you choose, you need to choose an ad network that is easy to navigate and at the same time will give you a wide range of targeting options. In OnClickA we have the following advanced targeting that goes beyond the basic targeting option.

OnClickA advanced targeting options


Targeting through categories on OnClickA depends on the interest of your audience. It has two main verticals and Mainstream. This fundamental option sets the stage for the kind of websites your ads will appear on.


Mainstream targeting displays your ads on a broader range of websites, offering wider exposure but requiring a compelling message to stand out. Aside from mainstream, there is special dating traffic available; for details, you can contact the manager.


Source targeting allows you to reach users based on specific websites or website lists. You can choose ALL sites or just the premium sites at the same time you can also whitelist specific sites or blacklist specific sites.

Source targeting allows you to reach users based on specific websites or website lists. You can choose ALL sites or just the premium sites at the same time you can also whitelist specific sites or blacklist specific sites. 


There's also an option for entering single or multiple searches. 

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And the very new features of OnClickA, Microbidding, will allow you to bid on ad spaces that generate more clicks and which most of your target audience visits. In micro-bidding you need to set different "mini-bids" for each website and each time a person visits that website there will be an auction (this changes every millisecond) whoever bids higher and most relevant to that person wins the ad space (read more about micro bidding here).    


Main Parameters


Main parameters are a great way to focus your ad on a specific GEO and devices. You can choose your GEO and devices manually or you can use an IP Range, with this you can target your customers through their IP Address.


Other Parameters

If the main parameter allows you to target certain GEO and IP addresses, with other parameters in OnClickA, you can target a more specific audience through their language, browser, operating system, and IP2 location types



You can target users by the language they use on their web browser. For example, you can choose to target only users who browse the web in Afrikaans. Or you can select multiple languages.



You can target users by the web browser they use. For example, they can choose to target only users who use Chrome or Safari.


Operating System

This will let you target the audience with the specific device they use.


IP2 location type

IP2 location targeting is a method used to target users based on their IP address. This is like grouping an audience based on the IP address they use, whether it is a commercial IP address, government, etc. or you can select all that apply to the category of your target audience.

But even though in ad targeting everything is right just in front of us we still make mistakes that can lead to us not reaching the goal and objectives we set, so let's also talk about some of the common mistakes we should avoid when utilizing targeting capabilities.

Common mistakes to avoid when utilizing targeting capabilities in online advertising

A poorly targeted campaign is like throwing money out of the window, you might reach a lot of people but if none of them or only a few are interested in what you offer, then your ad won’t generate results. Online advertising is a powerful tool for reaching potential customers which is why it is important to get the right and effective audience.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when targeting your audience in online advertising:

  • Targeting too much or too little: 

Targeting too broadly means your ad reaches people who have no interest in your product, which will lead to wasting your budget, meanwhile, targeting too narrowly might miss potential customers who fit your ideal profile but weren't perfectly captured by your criteria. The key here is to focus on your advertising goal and objectives, so you won’t target too much or too little.

  • Not understanding the target audience -  

When you’re planning your campaign, it’s important to take the time to research your targeted audience’s age, location, needs, likes, dislikes, and what motivates them. Because, advertisements that are not aimed at the targeted audience may not empathize with them, resulting in low engagement and poor conversion rates.

  • Not utilizing targeting options properly - 

Most of the time we get overwhelmed with all the targeting options and we see that we forgot to use the available tools effectively. Or, you might be using targeting options, but focusing on the wrong criteria.

Leveraging Advanced Targeting Strategies

Online advertising is most effective when it reaches the exact audience you want that is why you need to go beyond basic targeting and delve deeper into what makes your ideal customer. Here's where advanced targeting strategies come in, acting as a powerful and precise targeting tool.

  • Laser Focus - advanced targeting lets you connect with people who actively seek out content related to your campaign.

Tracking and Analyzing Targeting Performance

Tracking and analyzing is a fundamental metric for understanding user engagement with your campaigns and measuring how effectively your ads drive users to complete desired actions on your website or landing page through their purchases, sign-ups, or website visits. This dashboard with statistics available can offer comprehensive analytics features, such as:

  • Campaign Performance Reports

With this, you can access detailed reports that provide insights into various campaign metrics to give you an overview of your campaign's overall performance. You can use this report to evaluate your campaign's effectiveness and visually compare ROI and more across your campaigns. Most importantly, by analyzing these reports, you can identify areas for improvement.

  • Traffic Sources 

Gain valuable insights into where your visitors, leads or customers came from. By determining where your leads came from you can get comprehensive reports and detailed dashboards to help your businesses better understand the behavior of visitors and conversions. Understanding traffic sources allows you to improve your targeting strategy for better reach.

  • Data-Driven Decisions

Make smarter decisions based on data for your advertising campaigns. Monitor important metrics to optimize your budget, targeting, and overall strategy for higher ROI.

  • Measure Success

Tracking conversions and using analytics can help you measure your campaigns' success and show the results of your advertising work.

Additional Notes:

  • The features and interface of OnClickA's conversion tracking and analytics may change over time. It's best to refer to the OnClickA blog and Help Center for the most up-to-date information.
  • Combining external analytics tools with OnClickA is an option that could provide a way to merge data for more in-depth analysis.


In general, the article highlights the importance of utilizing advanced targeting strategies and thoroughly analyzing campaign data for successful online advertising. Let's review the main points:

  • Effective targeting is fundamental in reaching the right audience for your ads, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and efficiency with your budget. At OnClickA, we provide a range of targeting options such as interests, devices, and even specific website placements.
  • OnClickA offers a variety of tools to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign, such as click-through rates, conversions, and traffic sources. Analyzing this data can assist you in enhancing your campaigns and increasing your return on investment.