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Micro-bidding is especially helpful for advertisers who want to enhance their advertising campaigns' return on investment (ROI) by allocating their budget more effectively to the best-performing website for their campaign.

OnClickA is pleased to announce a new method to maximize the performance of your campaign. We are happy to inform you that Micro Bidding is now available at OnClickA! Micorbidding will help you eliminate the need for dozens (or even hundreds) of separate campaigns, reducing everything to a single comprehensible list. It will also simplify your ad campaign administration by allowing you to spread bids separately across whitelisted websites giving you more control over your budget without using blacklists.

What is Micro Bidding

As an advertiser, you are bidding against other advertisers for an ad space that generates more clicks and sales. The limited ad space creates competition in micro-bidding because websites and applications have a fixed amount of ad placements, such as a banner ad format that has a specified part on sponsored content within articles. Ad systems employ real-time auctions to choose which ads appear in these limited spaces. The advertiser with the most relevant and competitive bid usually wins the auction, and their ad is displayed to the intended audience. This battle heats up for highly sought-after positions. Popular websites or applications with huge, engaged audiences attract a lot of advertisers, increasing competition for that valuable ad space.

You might be wondering, why do they need to fight for this ad placement. Imagine a popular fitness magazine with a million readers. Many advertisers would like to promote their fitness items there. Micro-bidding allows businesses to compete for ad space in that magazine by adjusting bids to particular ad placements (full-page advertisements, sponsored content within fitness articles, banner ads in certain parts). In a real-time auction, the advertiser with the most relevant and competitive bid has their ad shown to that million readers, which might lead to increased sales.

Why does every advertiser need it?

When it comes to marketing, every dime counts. Advertisers cannot simply choose a place to interact and spend money on it for advertising. Microbidding in digital marketing enables advertisers to effectively reach their target audience by competing for an ad space in real-time auctions and giving them more precise control over bids on platforms or websites where it is expected to work best. To maximize your ROI as an advertiser, you should first gain a better grasp of the platform on which you intend to promote your campaign. With micro bidding, you may increase traffic from profitable platforms while decreasing bids on less cost-effective platforms, enhancing the overall ROI of your ad campaign.

Micro-bidding is especially helpful for advertisers who want to enhance their advertising campaigns' return on investment (ROI) by allocating their budget more effectively to the best-performing website for their campaign. It necessitates constant monitoring and modifications to bids based on real-time performance metrics.

How does it work

Here is a breakdown of how Micro-Bidding works:

  • You choose websites and apps that are relevant to your campaign, if your campaign is about fitness choose websites like sports news, workout apps, etc.
  • Decide how much your budget is for that campaign.
  • But, instead of spending that budget at once, you set different "micro-bids" for each website (say your campaign is about fitness so you bid higher for a popular fitness app and a lower bid for a general health blog).
  • And, each time a person visits that website there will be an auction (this changes every millisecond) whoever bids higher and most relevant to that person wins. 
  • If your micro-bid is the highest and your ad is the most relevant, you win and your ad is shown.

When you set up the campaign and select the bid, OnClickA will begin to analyze all available traffic based on your targeting criteria and identify relevant audiences. As with all other active campaigns on OnClickA, your bid is placed in an open auction against other advertisers for the same traffic unit users with specific targeting options. The results are simple – campaigns with a greater bid and relevance to the person visiting the site is prioritized. 

How to enable micro bidding at OnClickA 

Here's a general guidelines on how you can enable micro bidding at OnClickA:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On your dashboard, click “create campaign” 
  3. On the section below the “categories” is the “sources”
  4. Choose “RON (ALL)” micro bidding works only for “RON (ALL)”
  5. Add all the sites you want to put a bid on in the white list
micro bidding 1.png

6. After that, click “Add bid”

micro bidding 2.png

7. If you click “select all” all the sites you choose will have similar bids which is not advisable. The catch in micro bidding is for you to create a bid according to how relevant the website is to your campaign.

8. It is advisable to click your sites one at a time, like this: after selecting a website click “add bid” again and select another website. You can now put your bid on each website.

Remember, put a higher bid on the more effective website for your campaign. However, it's important to find a balance. Regularly monitor your campaign performance and adjust bids accordingly to ensure you're getting the most out of your micro-bidding strategy.

Unlock the full potential of your advertising campaigns with OnClickA's innovative Micro Bidding feature. Why blend in when you can stand out? Bid smart, gain the edge over competitors, and maximize your ROI. Start by selecting your campaign sites with care, placing strategic bids where they count the most.

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