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In this article we will discuss the variety of video ad formats available at OnClickA for your website monetization.

Ever wonder how to earn online using advertisements? With the volume of video content distributed over the Internet, online video advertising is becoming increasingly common. Many advertisers recognize that with the right use of video ad formats, online video advertising can boost impressions and click-through rates. This is because video advertisements are now displayed online before, during, or after streaming game or animation content. In short, you can watch video advertisements everywhere on the internet.

OnclickA is the ideal video monetization solution for publishers, webmasters, and website owners who want to monetize their sites through video advertisements. With a better choice for video players, various diversified instream and out-stream ad units, a highly qualified ad operations staff to handle your advertisements, and premium quality ad demand, you'll be able to meet and exceed your income goals.

Website Monetization Via Video Ads

There are many ways to earn through your website, but one is to monetize video ads and partner with ad networks for smoother website monetization. As a website owner, you should explore video ads and use them on your website to maximize revenue. Hence, when webmaster incorporates videos into their website permitting pre-, mid-, or post-roll advertisements can enhance its visual appeal and generate revenue. Using video advertisements does need some setup time, but the effort is well worth it. It optimizes your potential for income, profit, and monetization.

Including video ads on your website is a great idea; it can help you build traffic and entertain your audience, making them stay on your website longer

Differences in Video Ad Formats

OnclickA video ad has four unique formats to help webmasters gain more click impressions and monetize video ads on our website.


Outstream video ad formats are mobile and desktop. Outstream advertising can appear on several platforms. It is shown as banners on mobile and desktop web pages.


The out-stream video ad style is excellent when you need to spread your video ad campaign outside the player. This video advertisement format is activated when viewers navigate to their position, which is usually in the center of the page, making it more difficult for fraudsters to target.


Unlike out-stream video ads, in-stream ads are typically played directly on the player on the website. The most common type of in-stream video ads, which is available in three formats: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads:

  • Pre-roll - the ads you see before the video you want to watch starts.
    OnclickA offers double preroll, which is more aggressive but pays off double. When using double pre-roll the user sees not one but two advertisements before the original video starts.
  • Mid-roll - plays in the middle of the video.
  • Post-roll - the advertisement after you finish the video.

The in stream video ads format was created to swiftly and efficiently capture consumers' attention, thus making it a popular choice among many advertisers. At OnclickA you can place video ads on your website with a VAST link: once embedded into the player it will communicate with our ad server.


Overlay ads are also used for instream placement realization but work differently since it lays over the original player of the website. The overlay ads can be placed over the original player, as well as anywhere on the website over the website’s content.


At OnClicka we have been working with video ads for a long time and our team has designed our own player, with which overlay ads show much higher view rate and click-through rates.


Slider is a type of the out-stream. Video Slider is advertising tied not to the website’s content, but to the screen of the user.


One of the questions is what height to set for the slider video ads. The average height in the market is 20-25%. The bigger the height - the better the metrics. But there should be a balance, so we recommend the 30% height.

How to set up each OnClickA video format on Your Website

When setting up video ad format on your website, always remember your goal, because each OnclickA video ad format has its unique way of reaching your audience and bringing traffic to your website.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your OnclcikA Video Ad on Your Website:

1. First, you must go to the OnclickA official publisher's website. 

2. Then, select “Join Us

3. Sign up to OnclickA Publishers by entering your

  • Email
  • Password
  • Telegram User Name or Skype Address

4. You are now on your publishers’ account. Click the “Add New AD Code


5. Name your AD Code

6. Select a category group and ID that best represents your website 

7. Then, select “Video Ad/In-stream Ad” for your ad format

8. Select a “Skip time” you want for your ads


9. Select the type of Video Ad Format

If you choose the “Out-stream.”

  • Input the Height Percent
  • If you’re just starting do not set frequency capping, or, ask your manager
  • Set device targeting

If you choose the “In-stream.”

  • If you’re just starting do not set frequency capping, or, ask your manager
  • Select your Device targeting

If you choose the “Overlay.”

  • If you’re just starting do not set frequency capping, or, ask your manager
  • Set the Selector - the element upon which the overlay will appear. We recommend placing an overlay over the original player
  • Select your Device targeting

If you choose “Slider.”

  • Input the Height percentage - 25-30%
  • Select your slider position
  • If you’re just starting do not set frequency capping, or, ask your manager
  • Select device targeting


If you are a website owner and looking for an ad format that will bring you higher click rates and impressions, OnclickA Video Ads has your back.

So what are you waiting for? Keep your earnings growing and moving, try OnclickA’s video ad formats now!


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Recommendations and FAQ

  • When deciding on skip time, It's best to establish a minimum skip duration of 10 because it has a direct impact on traffic volume. If it is lower, there will be less traffic and money for both sides. It is preferable to have more.
  • VMAP gives better control over ad display time but is not an obligatory use 
  • If you want to block such misleading ads as fake buttons, clickbait, tube ads, etc., ask your personal manager.
  • Does OnClickA support min CPM? Yes, it proceeds upon the back URL.
  • What is frequency capping? Frequency capping determines how many videos are shown within a certain timeframe