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We'll delve into the details of targeting in different verticals, explore advanced options available on the platform, and provide actionable tips for success.

Once you start with affiliate marketing, you’ll find a lot of articles about why mastering the art of targeting is a must. But you will hardly find an article telling you to stop setting targets. In this comprehensive guide, OnClicka team will be your trusted companion on the journey to understanding targeting science. We'll delve into the nitty-gritty details of targeting in different verticals, explore advanced options available on the platform, and provide actionable tips for success.

Setting Targets

Setting targets is like setting the coordinates on your GPS for a successful campaign journey. It's all about understanding your audience and tailoring your messages to resonate with them. Imagine you're in the dating vertical – your target audience is individuals seeking meaningful connections. By defining their age range, relationship goals, and interests, you can craft highly targeted ads that speak directly to their desires. The same principle applies to other verticals like gaming, finance, utilities, and mainstream. Knowing your audience inside out is key! But not in all cases, we will consider them a little bit later.

OnClickA's self-serve ad network empowers you with a range of advanced targeting options to supercharge your campaigns.

Geotargeting: Reaching Your Audience Where It Matters

Picture this: you're a local business offering finance or utility services. Geotargeting allows you to connect with your audience in specific locations, making your ads resonate with their unique needs. Whether it's targeting users in a particular city, region, or country, geotargeting helps you tailor your ads to their local interests, cultural nuances, and preferences. By speaking their language and addressing their specific pain points, you're more likely to drive conversions and engagement. It's a game-changer for businesses operating in the finance and utility verticals.

Targeting in Different Verticals

1. Dating Vertical:
The dating vertical caters to individuals seeking companionship, romance, or casual connections. It encompasses various sub-niches like general dating, niche dating (e.g., seniors, LGBTQ+), and adult dating. Popular dating platforms provide opportunities for users to meet like-minded individuals and build meaningful relationships. In terms of audience, the dating vertical appeals to a broad range of demographics, including young adults, professionals, and seniors. It's essential to understand the preferences and interests of your target audience within this vertical to create compelling ad campaigns. Pay attention to device type targeting.

2. Gaming Vertical:
The gaming vertical targets avid gamers who enjoy playing video games across different platforms. This audience is passionate about gaming, spends a significant amount of time engaging with gaming content, and may also be interested in gaming-related products and services. The gaming vertical is particularly popular among younger demographics, including teenagers and young adults. Understanding gaming preferences, such as specific game genres, platforms, and gaming influencers, is crucial to effectively target this audience.

3. Finance Vertical:
The finance vertical focuses on individuals seeking financial advice, products, or services. This audience may include people looking for loans, credit cards, insurance, investment opportunities, or financial planning guidance. The finance vertical is popular across various age groups and demographics, as financial matters are relevant to people of all walks of life. Understanding the financial needs, goals, and pain points of your target audience will help you deliver highly relevant and engaging ads in this vertical. It is recommend to test targeting different segments separately. In such a way you can easily analyze the results afterwards.

4. Utilities Vertical:
The utilities vertical targets individuals looking for essential services like electricity, gas, water, internet, and telecommunications. This audience includes homeowners, renters, and businesses in need of reliable utility services. Geo targeting plays a crucial role in this vertical, as utilities are location-specific. Understanding the local market dynamics, including utility providers, pricing plans, and customer preferences, will help you create targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience's needs.

5. Mainstream Vertical:
The mainstream vertical covers a wide range of industries and products, including e-commerce, lifestyle, home improvement, and more. It appeals to a broad audience with diverse interests, making it a versatile vertical for affiliate marketing. The popularity of specific sub-verticals within mainstream may vary across different GEOs.

When Setting Targets is a Bad Idea?

While setting targets is crucial for successful campaigns, there are instances where it may not be necessary or beneficial. In some cases, broad targeting can yield better results, especially when promoting products or services with a wide appeal or when targeting a highly saturated market. Additionally, certain campaigns may require a more exploratory approach, testing different audiences and creatives to identify untapped opportunities. It's essential to continuously evaluate your campaign goals and adjust your targeting strategies accordingly.

There is a golden rule that you need to know: narrow down your potential target audience step by step.

I.e. no need to start a campaign with narrow targets - that may significantly reduce the converting traffic volume. It is better to start with broad targets and only then test different segments. There are lots of clients at OnClickA who reach our support team for help with targeting and often, all the advertiser needs to do to get more converting traffic is to turn some targeting settings off. Generally it device type targeting or even limits (we will talk about this feature in furrther articles).


Congratulations, you're now equipped with the knowledge and insights to master targeting in affiliate marketing! OnClickA's self-serve ad network and its advanced targeting options will be your secret weapons to supercharge your campaigns. By setting clear targets, utilizing precise targeting options, leveraging geotargeting, and tailoring your strategies to specific verticals, you'll achieve outstanding engagement, conversions, and campaign success. Review your targeting settings:


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