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OnClickA’s developers work tirelessly to assist our clients in reaching the best performance from their campaigns. That's why our team has introduced a new solution that can offer you everything you wanted but couldn't get! How? Let's dive into the new feature!

What is a Social Bar?

Social Bar is a type of in-page that has already attracted the attention of affiliate marketers. The relevance is obvious because it is a display ad format that does not require user permission to receive advertisements. This means that your traffic coverage increases and you get the opportunity to advertise for the iOS system. Just imagine how large your advertising opportunities become!

Key benefits for advertisers

Every advertiser knows that huge coverage means nothing without high engagement. Therefore, despite good audience coverage, the main advantage is the increase in your ROI due to high nativeness and adaptability. How this is achieved:

Social Bar can amaze you with its flexibility since you can personalize your ad as you need: choose any shape and even the behavior of your advertising to make it stand out from your competitors.

Nowadays, Social Bar is still too new and provides the most positive user experience, which means you can achieve record performance right now!

Why use Social Bar in OnClickA?

Social Bar is actively used for advertising in the dating vertical. But we don’t settle for less, so we invite you to evaluate the full power of this format in other verticals! The social bar looks like a notification from a messenger, which makes it look both native and attention-grabbing. OnClickA provides you the unique opportunity to customize your Social Bar ads with different skins in following niches:

Standard: the ability to show your advertisements to a wide audience with different interests (suitable for advertising mainstream offers).
Dating: increase your performance by 20-30 times by highlighting your campaign among conventional dating advertisements.
Utilities: use flexible audience engagement in one of the highest-budget niches in affiliate marketing.
Gambling: in-page shows excellent CTR in advertising in this vertical, so we suggest you try a new strategy for working in a stable industry.
Betting: the peculiarity of betting is its seasonality, so you should always look for new strategies to motivate users to click. Social Bar gives you priority so you can make betting a goldmine even outside of the seasons.

How to set up Social Bar in OnClickA?

Even newbies can experience the new function. Just a few simple steps and your Social Bar campaign is ready:

1. Log in to your OnClickA account to create an ad.


2. Select in-page and fill in the required fields:
– add a compelling headline
– choose an attractive icon
– upload an image that reflects the essence of your advertisement
– write a short description that motivates users to click
3. Select 1 of 4 types for your advertisement. At this step, you can see a preview of your creative and change elements that seem to be underperforming.


4. Don't forget to choose a group when creating a campaign! This is the selection of the right vertical to get relevant traffic.

As you can see, Social Bar is one of the simplest formats, along with traditional push notifications and banners.

Why do you need to choose a type?

Social Bar types give you maximum advertising flexibility. You can use two ways to set up a campaign:

1. Customize your advertising by choosing the desired type for your ready-made creatives.
2. Choose the type you like and make creatives for a specific form.

No matter which method you choose, you may always remain a priority among your competitors due to maximizing the attraction of target users!

Note: the types are automatic and their selection is determined by the site settings and restrictions.


Find out 10 key reasons why you should try Social bar in OnClickA:

1. Get the most out of in-page. The format provides you with priority in affiliate marketing. This predicts that Social Bar will become one of the top ad formats.

2. Reach even more audiences. No need to obtain consent for getting ad notifications does not reduce the high performance of Social Bar. The reason lies in high nativeness due to flexibility of display ads.

3. Reach any audiences without restrictions - get an advantage and start showing your ad notifications even to iOS users!

4. Social bar is one of the latest ad formats, so the user experience is just beginning to take shape. This helps to achieve maximum engagement.

5. Easy settings are suitable for both experienced advertisers and newcomers who want to launch their first campaign.

6. Choose your strategy. The advertising process has never been more convenient, because now you can choose the type or prepare the creative first.

7. Don't limit yourself to the dating vertical only. Optimize your advertising for different niches to focus on the target audience.

8. Only reputable traffic sources that allow you to get record ROI and maximize profits.

9. +240 GEOs including Tier 1 to have priority even in highly competitive locations.

10. Get expert support from your manager to understand the setup and know how to best optimize your campaign.

Start a Social bar campaign today so the end of 2023 will give you an unimaginable increase in profits!

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