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In this case study our client will share his experience of running campaigns in the utilities vertical, which is one of the top verticals in OnClickA. He ran campaigns for several GEOs, mainly Tier-2 and Tier-3. In this case study he will discuss his campaign targeting Bangladesh.

Traffic source: OnClickA

Ad format: Web push + In-page

CPA Network: GuruMedia

Offer: Android Cleaner

GEO: Bangladesh

Period: 02/03/2023 - 16/03/2023

Costs: $242.79

Profit: $356

ROI: 146.6%


“When choosing an offer, I considered payout, pre-lander potential, compatibility of traffic and offer, EPC, CTR, and eCPM. I selected an offer for an application that cleans memory and optimizes the phone. The payout was $0.067 per installation of the trial version. It required a pre-lander.

There could be several reasons why running affiliate marketing utility offers is profitable in Bangladesh. 

1. One reason could be the relatively low cost of traffic in Bangladesh compared to Tier-1 countries, which allows for a higher ROI. 

2. Additionally, there may be a high demand for utility applications in Bangladesh due to the increasing use of smartphones and the need for device optimization. 

3. It's also possible that there is less competition in the utility vertical in Bangladesh, making it easier to achieve success with affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Ultimately, the profitability of running affiliate marketing utility offers in Bangladesh would depend on various factors, including the offer itself, the quality of traffic, and the effectiveness of the campaign optimization.

To set up an advertising campaign with a good result, you can follow these steps:

1. Choose an offer: Select an offer that is suitable for the Bangladeshi market and has a good payout. Consider offers with a pre-lander, as they usually have higher payouts.

2. Select a traffic source: Choose a traffic source that is compatible with the offer and is cost-effective. In this case, you can use a low-cost traffic source like OnClickA's push and in-page format for Bangladesh.

3. Set up your campaign: Create a campaign targeting Bangladesh and select mobile devices as your target. Set minimal limits for the campaign as the traffic is already bounded.

4. Optimize your campaign: Test different creatives to find the ones that work best. Use catchy headlines, alarming messages, and system notification imitations to motivate users to take action. You can also use different icons and images to increase CTR.

5. Monitor and adjust: Monitor your campaign regularly and adjust your targeting, creatives, and bids based on your performance. Make sure you are getting enough clicks and conversions to keep your ROI high.

By following these steps, you can set up an advertising campaign with a utility offer in Bangladesh that has a good chance of success. However, it's important to note that success is not guaranteed, and you may need to make adjustments and optimizations along the way to achieve the best results.

Campaign Settings

I’ve set up an advertising campaign for push and in-stream formats.

Ad formats: Web-push+In-stream. It is possible to enable in-page traffic together with push traffic. 

Price: $0.0041

Traffic quality: High

Traffic Category: Dating +Mainstream

Subscription type: up to 7 days

Creatives of a push notification

I made my push creatives fast. I uploaded the link to the ad creator of OnClickA and it has been made automatically. I used Bengali, which is the national language of Bangladesh, to appeal to users. The push notification suggested cleaning up the device's memory and improving the performance

Group 8119.png

Creatives of a prelander

Initially, my push notification wasn't eye-catching and bold enough. It didn't yield good results for me.

In my next push notification, I added the word "WARNING" in English, along with a danger sign and an alarm sound. This led to a slight increase in conversions.

Group 8117.png

I continued to improve my push notifications to increase click-through rates. I included a different icon and detailed text about the threat to the user's device, along with a timer to encourage the user to click the update button. I kept the alarm sound but removed the danger sign.

The most important thing for push notifications is to make user know about device's needs by sending an alarming message. The push notification should appear like a system notification to prompt the user to take action.

To increase conversions, it's recommended to translate the advertising text into the national language of your target location. However, some offers may require English-only advertising, so it's important to carefully read the offer's conditions. 


After the first four days of my campaign, I was slightly concerned as my ROI was -21%. However, the affiliate program approved my conversions, so I decided to continue optimizing the campaign.

I adjusted my targeting settings by applying a filter to specific versions of the Android OS. I researched the most commonly used Android versions in Bangladesh and set up my ads accordingly. As it turns out, people in Bangladesh generally use Androids up to version 11, so I applied the appropriate filter.

During and after the testing phase, I created a blacklist of sites based on click and conversion statistics. I examined which sources had the lowest number of clicks and removed them from my list. In trackers, you can also see which sites have more or fewer conversions, which can help you determine which sites are the most profitable for you.

That’s what my final statistics look like:

Frame 9.png

So, I’ve got a 146% ROI and $356 in profit.

In conclusion, running successful advertising campaigns in the utilities vertical in Bangladesh requires careful planning, testing, and optimization. By following the steps outlined earlier, you can increase your chances of success and maximize your ROI.

It's important to choose a relevant and compatible offer, use a low-cost traffic source, set up your campaign with minimal limits, test different creatives, and regularly monitor and adjust your campaign. Additionally, translating your advertising text into the national language of your target location can greatly improve your conversions.

We hope this article has been helpful for you in setting up and optimizing your advertising campaign in OnClickA. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Good luck with your campaign!


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