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Popunder ads are commonly used in digital marketing due to their effectiveness in capturing user attention without disrupting their browsing experience. Let's study this ad format in detail.

What is a Popunder Ad?

Popunder ads are a type of online advertisement that appear in a new browser window behind the current window. They remain hidden until the main browser window is closed, providing a less intrusive experience compared to popup ads. Popunder ads are commonly used in digital marketing due to their effectiveness in capturing user attention without disrupting their browsing experience.

Reasons for Using Ad Blockers

Many users install ad blockers to avoid intrusive and disruptive ads, such as popups. Ad blockers help improve the user experience by preventing ads that interrupt browsing, slow down page load times, and consume bandwidth. However, popunder ads are less likely to be blocked as they are less intrusive and do not immediately interfere with the user's activities.

What's the Difference Between Popunder and Popup Ads?

Popunder ads open in a new browser window behind the current window, whereas popup ads open in front of the current window. This distinction makes popunder ads less intrusive, as they do not interrupt the user's immediate interaction with the content. 

Example of a Popunder, Popup, and Interstitial Ad

  1. Popunder Ad: Opens a new window behind the active window, appearing only when the user closes or minimizes the current window.
  2. Popup Ad: Opens a new window or tab in front of the active window, immediately grabbing the user's attention but often considered annoying.
  3. Interstitial Ad: Full-screen ads that appear at natural transition points in the user experience, such as between page loads or app screens.

How Does a Popunder Ad Work?

Popunder ads are triggered by user actions, such as clicking on a link or button. When the user interacts with the webpage, a script runs to open a new browser window behind the current one. This window remains out of view until the user closes or minimizes the active window, revealing the ad. This method ensures that the user sees the ad without being immediately disrupted.

When you use the popunder ad format at OnClickA you will be able to:

  • Upload multiple creatives that will rotate in a random or given probability. 
  • Upload several links: a link to the main page, a link to the page with bonuses, or a link to some catchy content on the website - that will boost your conversions. 
  • It will also help you understand which landing works best for you.

Top Popunder Ads

Popunder ads are popular in various industries due to their high visibility and low intrusiveness. They are particularly effective for promoting offers, lead generation, and affiliate marketing. The success of popunder ads depends on their ability to capture the user's attention at a time when they are more likely to engage with the ad.

What is Popunder Traffic?

Popunder traffic refers to the users who view and interact with popunder ads. This type of traffic is valuable because it involves users who have already engaged with the primary content and are more likely to interact with the ad. Popunder traffic often has higher conversion rates compared to other types of traffic due to its targeted nature.

Why Should You Consider Popunder Ads Over Other Types?

High Conversion Rates

Popunder ads typically achieve higher conversion rates because they reach users who have already shown interest in the primary content. These users are more likely to engage with the ad, leading to better conversion outcomes.

Low Cost and Great ROI

Popunder ads are cost-effective compared to other ad formats. They often require a lower investment while providing a high return on investment (ROI) due to their effectiveness in capturing user attention and driving conversions.

More Effective Than Banner Ads

While banner ads are visually prominent, they often suffer from "banner blindness," where users ignore them. Popunder ads, on the other hand, avoid this issue by appearing in a separate window, making them more noticeable and effective.

Good for Lead Generation

Popunder ads are excellent for lead generation because they reach users who are already engaged and likely to take action. This makes them ideal for capturing leads and driving sign-ups for newsletters, webinars, or other offers.

Good for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers benefit from popunder ads due to their ability to drive targeted traffic to affiliate offers. The high engagement and conversion rates of popunder ads make them a valuable tool for maximizing affiliate revenue.

Pros and Cons of Popunder Ads


  • Less intrusive than popup ads
  • High visibility and engagement
  • Effective for lead generation and affiliate marketing
  • Cost-effective with high ROI


  • Can be blocked by advanced ad blockers
  • May be perceived as intrusive if not properly targeted
  • Potentially lower engagement if users close the window without viewing

Popunder Ad Rates

Popunder Ads eCPMs

Effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) for popunder ads varies based on factors such as geographic location, industry, and the quality of the traffic. OnClicka, for instance, provides competitive eCPM rates by optimizing ad placements and targeting to ensure maximum profitability for publishers.

How Should You Advertise with Popunder Ads?

Best Practice Tips for Effective Popunders

  1. Target the Right Audience: Use advanced targeting options to reach the most relevant users.
  2. Optimize Ad Timing: Trigger popunder ads at optimal times, such as when users are about to leave the site.
  3. Ensure Mobile Compatibility: Design ads that are mobile-friendly to reach a broader audience.
  4. Test and Optimize: Continuously test different ad variations and optimize based on performance metrics.
  5. Maintain Relevance: Ensure that the ads are relevant to the content the user is viewing to increase engagement.

What Are the Benefits of Using Popunder Ad Format?

Broader Targeting Options

Advertising networks like OnClicka offer extensive targeting options for popunder ads, allowing advertisers to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. This ensures that ads are shown to the most relevant audience, improving engagement and conversion rates.

Helps to Overcome Ad Blockers

At OnclickA, we have an advanced popunder ad format that uses techniques to bypass ad blockers, ensuring that ads reach a larger audience. This increases the visibility and effectiveness of the campaigns, providing better results for advertisers.

Better Security to Pick Up Bots

Reputable popunder advertising networks have measures in place to detect and filter out bot traffic. This ensures that advertisers only pay for genuine user interactions, improving the overall ROI of the campaigns.

Powerful Auto-Optimization Tools

Popunder advertising networks offer powerful auto-optimization tools that adjust ad placements and targeting in real-time based on performance metrics. This ensures that campaigns are continuously optimized for maximum effectiveness.

Drives Retargeting

Popunder ads are effective for retargeting campaigns, allowing advertisers to re-engage users who have previously visited their site. This increases the chances of conversion by reminding users of the offer at a later time.

Why Should You Work with Popunder Advertising Networks?

Working with Popunder advertising networks provides several advantages, including access to advanced targeting options, better security, and powerful optimization tools. These networks also offer support and insights to help advertisers maximize their campaigns' effectiveness.

OnClicka is a leading popunder advertising network that provides competitive eCPM rates and advanced targeting options. The platform offers real-time analytics and optimization tools to ensure maximum profitability for publishers and advertisers.


In conclusion, popunder ads represent a versatile and effective tool in digital marketing, offering advertisers a less intrusive yet highly visible means to engage with their target audience. Despite potential challenges like ad blockers and perception issues, popunder ads remain valuable due to their ability to capture user attention at critical moments without disrupting browsing experiences. With advanced targeting, optimization tools, and competitive eCPM rates offered by OnClickA, popunder ads continue to be a preferred choice for maximizing engagement, conversions, and overall ROI in online advertising strategies.

Considering the diverse benefits and strategic advantages of popunder ads in digital marketing, leveraging this ad format through a reputable network like OnClicka can significantly enhance your campaign's effectiveness. Whether you're aiming to boost conversions, reach specific demographics, or optimize ad spend, popunder ads offer a compelling solution. Embrace the power of targeted advertising and maximize your ROI with popunder ads today!