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Get more detailed statistics with OnClickA Spots and optimize your campaigns with spots blacklisting!

We’ve got exciting news for our users! OnClickA introduces a powerful feature in your personal account - Spots. These spots empower users and managers to fine-tune advertising campaigns with precision, allowing exclusion of specific spots on a website or a page rather than the entire site.

How does it work?

A spot is a specific location on a webpage where advertisements are displayed. This feature enhances the granularity of your campaign optimization, since you can gather more detailed statistics: see conversions not only from the definite website, but from a definite ad spot on this website. Spots will appear in statistics only after the campaign starts receiving traffic. 

Blacklisting Spots

Blacklisting spots offers a strategic advantage. Identify the most viewable or the most conversionable ad spot. Instead of excluding an entire website, you can now selectively block some spots to focus on those that perform better for your goals, refining your targeting and ensuring your ads appear where they perform best.

How to Blacklist Spots at OnClicka:

1. Select one or more campaigns.
2. Access the blacklist feature to choose spots for exclusion.
3. A window appears and displays the selected spots and the associated campaigns.
4. Easily manage and delete accidentally blacklisted spots within the campaign editing form.

Spots cannot be added to archive campaigns and direct-sale campaigns generated on the marketplace.

Now, the spots added to the blacklist will be displayed on the campaign page and in the campaign editing form. If you added a spot to the blacklist accidentally, you can delete it in the campaign editing form as well. Blacklisting works as a separate target - it is not associated with blacklisting or whitelisting for sites.

Important: If a whitelist for sites works and a blacklist for spots is added, traffic will only come from those site spots that are not in the blacklist.

Why Blacklist Spots on OnClickA?

- Precision Targeting: Exclude only the spots that underperform, optimizing your campaign for maximum efficiency.
- Flexibility: Blacklist specific spots without affecting the overall performance of a website.
- Statistical Insights: Spots added to the blacklist are visible on the campaign page and in the campaign editing form, providing transparent analytics.

Empower your campaign optimization with OnClickA Spots – your key to a more refined and effective advertising strategy!


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