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We are thrilled to announce that API is now available at OnClickA! See how API raises the efficiency of your ad campaigns and how to connect API at OnClickA.

To improve our customer experience, we are thrilled to announce that API is now available at OnClickA! When driving traffic, API saves you a lot of time, eases the integration process, and automates the information you need by accessing data and services from thousands of independent sources. With just the click of a few buttons, you can create an API from an existing integration, saving you time and money while also finally fully leveraging your existing technology investments.

What is API (in general)

API stands for Application Programming Interface - a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. In the context of APIs, the word Application refers to any software with a distinct function. Interface can be thought of as a contract of service between two applications. This contract defines how the two communicate with each other using requests and responses.

API-driven data integration has the potential to boost marketing return on investment (ROI) by 10-20%, underscoring the significant financial benefits of leveraging APIs to refine affiliate expenditures and tactics, according to Gartner. Additionally, 70% of businesses have found that integrating APIs accelerates the launch of new products and services.

In simpler terms, API is a “code that makes data and/or functionality from one website available for use in other applications.” OnClickA’s API is designed following the REST Principle.

What is the REST Principle?

REST API  principles promote simplicity, modularity, and independence between client and server components. REST APIs allow third-party application developers to perform operations such as transmitting or accessing data from one application to another. This is called a public API. This means that this API is intended to interact with third-party apps. It can be completely open or restricted to certain clients via authentication. This makes it secure for you to use since REST API uses authentication, and client and server programs must be independent. This means the client software should only know the URL of the requested resource; it should have no additional interaction with the server application.

This is how REST API works:

  1. The client submits a request to the server. The client formats the request according to the API documentation so that the server can comprehend it.
  2. The server authenticates the client and confirms if the client is authorized to make the request.
  3. The server receives the request and processes it internally.
  4. The server sends a response to the client. The response includes information indicating if the request was successful. The response provides any information required by the customer.

What do advertisers need it for?

Digital marketing makes use of different applications to manage their campaigns. With the API, you can build software to manage your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. It allows advertisers and third parties to more efficiently manage larger ad accounts and campaigns. Digital marketers manage hundreds and thousands of offers, thus they need to do bulk actions, pull data, set billings, and implement their custom solutions quickly. Therefore, OnClickA offers an easier solution: the API that addresses the needs of all clients and their partners.

APIs help save a lot of time, ease the integration process, and automate a few of them. APIs allow marketers to consolidate data from different channels and touchpoints. This offers a more detailed customer behavior pattern, preferences, and interactions. In return, you can gain deep insights into customer segments and make data-driven personalized campaigns to achieve better ROI. So, advertisers need API for several reasons:

  • for marketing automation
  • makes data collection and integration easier
  • enhances SEO efforts
  • boosts customer experience and communication
  • for successful third-party integrations
  • provides real-time data for monitoring and reporting

How does it work

To use an API, a client sends a request to the API server using a specific protocol (like HTTP) and gets a response. The client and server communicate through a series of requests and responses, and the API defines these messages' specific format and structure.

But, how does API operate in practice?

Imagine an online shopping app, to achieve more clicks, impressions, and check-outs they want to advertise their campaign on a website or any online platform. With the APIs, they can connect their campaigns from their app directly to the website or any online platform. In this way, they will further seamlessly display the campaign's detailed descriptions directly from a global database of websites to their 3rd party listings.

How to connect API at OnClicka?

Advertisers need to register for an API key, which provides access to the API's functionality. Once registered, advertisers can use the API to interact with the network's platform programmatically, using tools and methods such as HTTP requests and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data structures.

Step 1: Sign in or register at OnClickA

Step 2: Go to the API section of your dashboard


Step 3: Check out OnClickA API Documentation to learn how to build integrations with us.

Step 4: Generate your own token by clicking the “Generate new token” button


Copy the generated token, it will serve as your key for authentication

Step 5: Click the authorize button below


Step 6: Paste the generated token that you copied earlier and click “authorize”. Then you are ready to go!


Take note: All requests without authorization will get an error.

With seamless integration and unparalleled functionality, OnClickA's API empowers you to unlock new levels of innovation and performance. Connect, create, and conquer with API the newest feature of OnClickA!


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