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Increase your passive income and get a win-win means of making money with the OnClickA referral program.

Make money by recommending OnClickA advertisements to your friends and colleagues. Simply share your referral link, and for each new sign-up using your referral link, you will receive 7% of the amount they spend when they advertise using OnClickA.

Why avail our referral program?

  • It is easy to sign up and get your unique referral link to share with your friends.
  • You can earn 7% of the revenue generated by the advertisers you refer to OnClickA
  • OnClickA referral program is transparent, you can check your real-time statistics and referral reports and withdraw money whenever you want.

What sources and channels to use to attract referrals on OnClickA?

Youtube video

It's simple to come up with a video of yourself screencasting OnClickA advertiser dashboard, which includes all of the features. Upload it to YouTube, include an affiliate link in the video description, write a few lines about OnClickA benefits, and earn referral commissions.


If you have a blog or website, you can write a review of AOnClickA or provide affiliate marketing ideas using OnClickA, but don't forget to include your affiliate link on each review you write.

Word of mouth

Introduce OnClickA to your friends and colleagues and tell them about the impact OnClickA has given on your campaigns, send them your referral link, and help them monetize their traffic. If your friends and colleagues want more assistance, our support team is always available through live chat on the dashboard.

Social Media

Do you use Facebook, Instagram, or another social network? Perhaps you occasionally browse affiliate marketing or webmaster forums. When a subject about affiliate marketing, ad networks, traffic monetization, traffic buying or selling comes up, you recommend OnClickA and include your referral link in the post or comment.

Steps on how OnClickA referrals work

Step 1: Sign up on the OnClikcA platform for Advertisers

Step 2: Find your referral link in the “Referral Program” section, copy and share it with potential partners.

Step 3: Paste it to your social media account and website or sent through chat.

Step 4: New advertisers should follow YOUR referral link so the system processes new partners’ data correctly and assigns them under your account.

Step 5: Right after the OnClickA registration you can see your referral count and earnings

As soon as invited advertisers start driving traffic you’ll get 7% from the amount your referral spent. Withdraw earned commission at any time.

Benefits for Partners

Monetary compensation

We also provide a referral link to our webmasters and website owners at OnClickA Publishers. Earn a 5% commission from sites that qualify. There are no limits on how many publishers you can refer to. You will earn a commission from each as long as they start monetizing their traffic with OnClickA.

Marketing cooperation

Reach out to our marketing team, and we can share your blog articles across our social media channels.

Partnership with a reputable company

We will ensure that your recommendation matches our services and take the best care of your referred sites.

Therefore, increase your passive income and get a win-win means of making money with the OnClickA referral program and earn 7% on each amount spent by your referral.


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