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In this article we will discuss trends in approaches for 2024

So, are you ready to salute 2024? We hope that 2023 has brought you excellent performance results and next year will be another boost for your success. We have prepared an article on the most promising affiliate marketing approaches for 2024 to help you ensure ROI growth!


Video advertising is becoming an undisputed component of our top promising strategies. High-quality video content can engage audiences and generate high clicks: attention spans are shortened and video advertising remains a quick and digestible format for presenting your product.

Pre-rolls are expected to continue their development in 2024. This is a popular type of In-stream that is displayed to a user before starting to watch the main video content. The format has been on the market for many years and has managed to gain a foothold in the advertising market, and here’s why:

Pre-rolls do not interrupt users from viewing content, which ensures the formation of a positive user experience;

Maximum visibility and increased brand awareness;

Possibility of flash sales: minimizing interaction and quick transition to the landing page in one click.

We expect high growth in video advertising and Statista ratings confirm this:

“The US digital advertising market segment is projected to grow continuously between 2023 and 2028 by a total of US$35.8 billion (+46.5%)” – US Video Advertising Industry Advertising Expenditure 2019-2028.

You can try three of the most popular video ad formats in OnClickA:

- In-Stream – video ad that is integrated into the main video content of the site.


- Out-Stream – video ads for placement on a website or application without the need for a video widget.


- Video Slider – video advertising with a set of changing video content elements.


Find out more about these formats in another article on our blog by clicking here.

What promising GEOs are expected in 2024?

If you want to learn deeper working with video advertising, we recommend that you pay attention to India, the USA, and Japan. Video ads are at the forefront of development in these markets, so you can skim the cream.

Test different strategies using video advertising. For example, promotional videos or demonstrations of how to use an application. You can also try video advertising with the following tool that we will talk about.

Neural networks

2023 gave us neural networks to simplify processes. Yes, at first many users treated artificial intelligence as a new trendy fun, but this is no longer the case! Today, neural networks help thousands of people optimize their work. This lays the foundation for the confident growth of neural networks as an auxiliary tool, so affiliate marketing will also change.

We talked about using neural networks in affiliate marketing in more detail in this article.


If you are interested in affiliate marketing or you are an advertiser, then you have probably heard that nativeness has become one of the current trends. We believe that native advertising formats will continue to improve performance, so we encourage you to pay attention to in-page. These are advertisements that look like regular incoming notifications and are often compared to web pushes. Nevertheless, in-page has its attractive features:

Adaptability to desktop and mobile traffic. Typically, in-page is displayed in the lower right of the screen for desktops and at the bottom for mobile devices;

Similarity to conventional messages increases visibility as advertising blindness is avoided;

What makes in-page more promising?

In-pages have special skins - these are different options for visual design and placement of advertising. For example, in-page ads consist of a title, description, image, and icon, but some skins do not display the icon or image. You can learn more about skins by creating an in-page campaign in OnClickA.

Why should you use skins in your ad strategies?

You can more precisely customize your campaign for different verticals like mainstream, utilities, dating, gambling, and betting. Adaptability to specific traffic and location helps increase engagement and delivers higher conversions.Skins make creatives to integrate into the desired vertical. For example, you can see how the appearance of creatives changes in one niche:

Frame 14.png

Such functionality facilitates deeper work at the A/B testing stage. You can use spy tools in your advertising strategies, and skins will make your advertising as competitive as possible.

What are the promising GEOs for in-page advertising?
Well, we can highlight India, Indonesia, and the USA. According to our statistics, these locations show the highest engagement at the moment, so you can target these countries.

HTML5 banners

Banners are a time-tested format, so its popularity is not surprising. However there is a phenomenon of banner blindness, which forces affiliates to look for new approaches to working with this format. You can refresh your banner experience using HTML5 banners. These are adaptive banners that can contain eye-catching pictures or trending animations. The peculiarity of this tool is that HTML5 banners are created using special code, so advertisers receive additional benefits:
- adaptability for browsers
- adaptability to device screen formats
- the ability to use interactives

HTML5 banners are a very flexible format, so it can be easily adjusted to advertise different offers. We see a general trend not only toward nativeness but also towards flexibility of advertising tools, so 2024 may give impetus to the development of HTML5 banners – do not miss the right moment to try.


Personalization will be one of the main advertising goals in 2024, so all advertising approaches are aimed at increasing adaptability and nativeness to reach different segments of the target audience. We hope that you have already caught up with the upcoming trends and are starting this year with marketing success!

Try OnClickA to be one step ahead!