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The minimum deposit at OnClickA has been lowered from $75 to just $45 for credit card and Capitalist payment methods.

Starting today, the minimum deposit amount at OnClickA has been lowered from $75 to just $45 when you pay by credit card or via Capitalist. This change is designed to make it even easier and more accessible for you to start driving high-quality traffic with our platform.

Why This Matters

  • Easier to Start: Lowering the minimum deposit means you can get started with less upfront investment.
  • More Accessible: Whether you're a new advertiser or looking to test new campaigns, this reduced deposit makes it simpler to dive in and see results.

Special Offer

To celebrate this change, we're offering an additional bonus! Apply the promo code ATD45 on any deposit of $45 or more and receive an extra $5 bonus.

If you haven’t tried our traffic yet, now is the best time to start. Take advantage of the lowered deposit and the additional bonus to boost your campaigns.

Hurry up: the promo is active till the end of June.


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