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Let's consider the main features of push ads and talk about push strategies that convert!

What is a push ad?

Nowadays, ads that are native have become one of the most effective ad formats. Users are tired of aggressive advertising and have learned to ignore endless offers. This is the main reason why affiliate marketing is constantly changing to adapt to new advertising conditions. And push notifications can be a real lifeline for affiliates. Users respond positively to ads that look like regular message notifications. Therefore, not using push notifications is blocking many earning opportunities.

Reasons to try push notifications

These are the main reasons why OnClickA’s team considers push notifications to be one of the most relevant advertising formats:

1. High visibility
Push notifications look like regular notifications, which helps maintain a positive user experience. As we mentioned above, users have learned to ignore annoying ads. For example, there is the phenomenon of banner blindness, which complicates the task of getting maximum user attention for banners. But there is no such problem with push notifications: your advertising will get high visibility.

2. Interested audience
Your ad is only shown to a specific group of users who have agreed to receive notifications. This is another reason for the positive user experience.

3. Adaptability
Push notifications are a great choice if you are looking for a format that is suitable for mobile and desktop traffic. You can advertise on different devices, which gives you flexibility in the advertising process.

4. Simplicity
Push notifications consist of several simple parts: title, body text, image, and icon. You don't need to have in-depth knowledge of setting up campaigns to make your first push notification.

5. Price
Push notifications are also one of the cheapest advertising formats, that allows you to explore affiliate marketing without breaking the bank.

Push notifications are considered one of the most popular formats among advertisers and now you see why.

Which offers to choose for advertising?

If you want to drive traffic successfully, it is important to keep in mind the compatibility of the niche with the ad format. We recommend choosing niches for a wide audience to get good conversions.

If you plan to advertise specific products or services to a narrow audience, then it is better to think twice. Choose other advertising formats for such offers, because push notifications are created for other markets.

We also recommend paying attention to offers that are suitable for mobile traffic. The fact is that the largest volume of push traffic is mobile, so this recommendation will help you reach more audiences. You can also check the volume of push traffic in statistics for a specific GEO before setting up your campaign.

So, which offers should you choose? Push notifications are a great opportunity to start advertising the dating vertical:

  • webcam
  • dating
  • nutra
  • sweepstakes
  • utilities
  • gambling
  • betting

Now we'll talk about tips for setting up push notifications and give you advertising strategies that convert!

How to create a push that converts?

You may have heard about the possibility of blocking dating advertising. This difficulty has nothing to do with push notifications! The fact is that push notifications are easily moderated. You only should keep one recommendation in mind: don’t use too smutty creatives. Therefore, the first thing we will say about creating push advertising is to take into account the features of moderation and the path to a huge volume of push traffic will be open to you!

Now let's go in order.

This is the first thing the audience pays attention to. If your headline is not attractive enough, users will lose interest and ignore your ad. For example, you can try using CTA phrases or clickbaits. Here are some examples:

Models for CTA phrases
Call to action – “Win a free iPhone”
Action + urgency – “Try it in 30 minutes”
Action + benefit – “Get $30 on your first deposit”
Action + benefit + deadline for receiving benefit – “Lose 7kgs in a month”

“To lose weight, use...”
“Only geniuses beat this game”
The main rule is not to use too aggressive clickbait.

An icon can increase interest in the title and motivate users to find out more. There are three main tips for creating icons:
- Don't use overly complex images. The icons are very small, so images with many elements are not suitable. It is better to choose 1 simple and recognizable element.
- Don't use too high contrast. Your icon should be bright enough, but images that are too colorful can irritate users’ eyes.
- Icons should directly convey the essence of your offer. The main task of icons is to quickly make it clear to users what your advertisement is about.

The text for push notifications should be short. Therefore, push notifications will not allow you to describe the benefits of the product in every detail. If you want to increase CTR, then find the main benefit of your product and tell about it directly:
“Join us! We will give away $100 on your first bet today only.”
“Get 70% off for the next 30 minutes. Hurry up to activate!”

You can also use emojis to add a nativeness. The main advice is that your emojis should match the essence of the offer. Don't use too many emojis or weird combinations. It shouldn't turn into a real puzzle that users have to figure out.

As you already know, push notifications are a fairly native advertising format. That's why we don't recommend using overly perfect images from photo stocks, or a lot of Photoshop. Choose photos that look realistic: remember that perfect people in images create a feeling of fakeness, so the credibility of your offer may decrease.

Photos should not contain too many elements. It is better to use more minimalistic photos that reflect the essence of your offer.

Ad strategies for dating verticals

We talked about the main recommendations for setting up push notifications. Now we invite you to understand the features of push advertising in dating vertical.

Webcam, dating
Use the main feature of push notifications in your strategy – nativeness. Push notifications are similar to regular notifications, so you can make your creatives look like incoming messages. Write a name in the title and a seductive message in the text, and choose an attractive photo of the person for the icon.
For example:

Title: Barbara
Text: “I'm bored, let's have some fun tonight?”

Title: (1) Cassie
Text: “What are you up to? Let’s chat”

Users strive to learn enough information before ordering and paying for nutra products. Try using CTA phrases based on the “action + benefit + deadline for receiving benefit” model. It can motivate users to learn more. For example:

“Get a guaranteed result of -7kg in a month”

Push notifications are great for news notifications, so sweepstakes can show excellent results. You can experiment with creatives using words that attract attention. For example:

  • guaranteed
  • for free
  • faster
  • ends soon
  • win

Don't forget about the combination with emoji.

You can advertise different applications, for example, +18 games, VPN services, or antiviruses. Strategies may vary depending on the type of application.

If you are promoting +18 applications, then you can use our tips for webcams and dating.

If you choose a VPN service for advertising, you can offer users something that they could not get without this tool. For example:
“Use Instagram without restrictions”

Try to show the danger when advertising antiviruses. For example:
“Protect your data from intruders”

Gambling, betting
Emotions are the best assistant in advertising these verticals. Since push notifications are quite simple, a lot of responsibility falls on the landing page. You can find more information about setting up selling landing pages in other articles on OnClickA’s blog. We're talking about push notifications in this article, so here are a couple of examples:

Title: Get it for free
Text: “Take $70 for your first deposit + $70”

Title: Take your money
Text: “Receive $100 to your account for sign up and start betting”


We hope that the article was useful to you! Push notifications continue to bring excellent CTR, so ignoring this format is limiting your earnings. We are confident that the versatility and adaptability of push notifications will keep them at the top of the most effective advertising formats.

Let affiliate marketing be profitable for you with OnClickA!


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