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The pros of AI for affiliate marketers & ways to use neural networks

Every second brings its unique contribution to the future of humanity. Each of us thinks about incredible opportunities in the future, but look - the future has already arrived, we are already here! This article is about how to use the benefits of the future in affiliate marketing - yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence!

Using neural networks can help make your advertising more intelligent and effective, as processes can be based on a deeper level of analysis. Nowadays, many platforms and programs are implementing artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of services and tools. Therefore, you may not even realize that you are already an artificial intelligence user.

Why is AI necessary in affiliate marketing?

Even a genius cannot learn as much information as artificial intelligence has. AI is based on the collection of huge databases. Such analysis can help you learn the profile of your target users in more detail. This is a real lifeline if you want your advertising to be personalized content for your audience. Such highly technical content gathering can increase engagement and your ROI.

Advantage for beginners
Additionally, to high personalization, there is another important advantage - you can do everything that you didn’t know how to do before. For example, you may have a vision of what your ad should look like, but you don't have the skills to turn the idea into ready-made creative. This means that even newcomers can generate compelling creatives and engage audiences.

Advantage for experienced advertisers
If you already have enough experience in making creatives, then you probably know how to make eye-catching pictures and texts. But without a doubt, it takes a lot of time. Neural networks allow you to simplify your workflow as much as possible and generate good creatives in a couple of minutes.

How to use AI?

The most popular use of neural networks is to generate ad creatives. We have collected several ways to use neural networks for optimization. The article contains neural networks as an example, but you can use other analogs that you find more user-friendly and accurate.


Is there anyone else who has not heard of this neural network? This program is a source of optimization for many professions including affiliate marketers. You can train the network so that ChatGPT generates the best possible information. What is it suitable for:
– create compelling headlines
– generate memorable slogans
– form text comparisons of the advantages of your offer with competitors
– create selling content for landing pages based on information about your offer


This neural network has also managed to gain popularity among advertisers thanks to its ability to generate images. This neural network is quite sensitive to queries like the previous one, so it may take some time to learn how to make queries that generate what you want. For example, if you want to get an image of an attractive smiling girl, then describe the smile for accuracy - a closed mouth with a slight smile or an open mouth smile. What is it suitable for:
– generate images for creatives (for example, banners)
– create images for landing pages
– prepare unique elements to prepare everything for making your image in Photoshop
– try to make minimalistic icons (for example, for push notifications)

CAT tools

Do you want to drive traffic in different GEOs but are not a linguist? Surely, you can use regular online translators, but as a rule, the translations look too robotic. If you want to get the highest quality translations, then we recommend paying attention to CAT tools (computer-assisted translation). These are programs that are based on artificial intelligence and generate the most “natural” translations. How to use: try to write simple enough texts to get a grammatically correct result. It is better to leave untranslatable idioms for advertising to an audience that speaks the same language as you. Yes, these programs are capable of selecting analogs in other languages but do not forget that mistakes are acceptable for automated processes.


A competent text can build more trust in your offer, so don’t ignore this step. There are quite a lot of programs that allow you to check the grammar and punctuation of your texts. The process takes minutes and the results can have a significant impact on your conversions.


There are quite a lot of neural networks that are capable of generating eye-catching videos. If you want to try video advertising but video editors take a lot of time to learn, then use artificial intelligence. The main task is to create the right query to get the result you want. Be prepared for the fact that using a neural network does not guarantee you a ready-made attractive video advertisement. You can get nice elements and animations to edit yourself in a simple video editor.


This is just the minimum among the many possibilities that artificial intelligence provides you. Here are some more examples:
– Create subtitles for video advertisements so that users can learn about your offer while watching the video without sound.
– Add voiceovers in any language. You can choose realistic voices and get high-quality voice acting with correct pronunciation. This expands your advertising opportunities in any GEOs.
– Remove unnecessary elements from your images to make them more minimalistic.
– Generate different emotions for a specific face. You can describe the necessary emotions in detail and get the most realistic result.
– Optimize your images and formats automatically.
– Adapt your creatives to trendy designs to make your offer look like a very new product.

Neural networks can also help you make your statistics more accurate so you can run A/B tests more effectively. All you have to do is find your tools and experience a new affiliate marketing side!

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