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How to drive traffic to banners even more effectively to get maximum profit

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Banners are one of the oldest and most proven advertising formats. However affiliate marketing is evolving, so it is not surprising that banner advertising has also changed over time. That’s why we suggest you figure out how to drive traffic to banners even more effectively to get maximum profit.

Why choose banners?

We suggest understanding the basics to move step by step.

Banners are a variety of advertising creatives that look like windows of different sizes. This format is among the most popular types of advertising that allow you to increase conversions. We can also add that you don't need a lot of knowledge to create banners - all you need is an attractive visual and text. Therefore, this format is great not only for experienced advertisers but also for beginners.

What purposes are banners suitable for?

  • sale of products or services
  • redirecting to landing pages
  • retargeting
  • increasing brand awareness
  • informing about news, discounts, promotions, and sweepstakes

Banners are suitable for advertising in different traffic sources. For example, you can show your creatives on websites or apps. Therefore, we can say that banners are a universal format that is suitable for various advertising strategies.

Features of banners

Banners have been used for many years in the advertising industry, so some features have appeared. The fact is that advertising trends appear at an incredible speed, which changes the attitude of users towards various advertising formats.

Time has created an interesting phenomenon called banner blindness. It is believed that users have learned to ignore banners, so you need to know how to work with the format to avoid banner blindness.

We believe that banners are still an advertising format that converts if you know the features. Let's figure out how to avoid banner blindness.

How to improve your performance?

Research has been conducted to determine how to avoid banner blindness.

Let's start with banner advertising on websites.

It turned out that users perceive information as the letter F. That is, Internet users are well aware that there may be advertising on the right side of the site, so they ignore it. Therefore, we recommend trying other advertising locations.

Try placing your banner at the top of the site. Users always read the headline, so they will be able to see your banner next to it.

You can also place your creative on the left side of the screen since the left side of the site is perceived by users as more important than the right one.

And don't forget that you can place an advertisement in the middle of the site so that the user encounters it while scrolling the web page.

Where is the best place to place advertising in mobile applications?

You can place your advertising in interstitial format so that the banners occupy the entire user’s screen. In this case, you can be sure that users will definitely see your creative.

You can also place banners at the bottom of the application. But the fact is that such advertising requires small banner sizes, so users may not notice them. Therefore, we recommend using such sizes as additional advertising to large banners.

Now we propose to talk a little about how to make banners so that they convert.

How to make banners

Yes, banners are a fairly simple advertising format, but it is better to take into account the specifics of advertising trends so that banners bring high ROI performance.

We've put together some tips to help you make the most effective campaigns possible. Perhaps our tips will also help you find your previous mistakes if you have tried creating banners before.


Don't try to choose photos with too much Photoshop. Images from photo stocks do not look natural enough, so users may be less loyal to advertising.

Choose images with a minimum of elements. The fact is that photos that are too much with details create a feeling of blurriness. It is better to give preference to photos that have 1-2 main elements. This advice especially applies to small-size banners.

If you are advertising an offer from a well-known brand, we recommend using logos. This works great with offers where you need to inform about promotions and discounts. Using logos will help you attract not only new users but also those who know the brand.

Interactives are an advertising trend. Try using animation to get your audience's attention even more effectively. Don't try to use too bright or flashing animations, as they can irritate users' eyes. It is better to choose smoother animations.

Do not use too bright colors or high contrast. Elements should be clearly visible, but high contrast makes banners unattractive.

If you are advertising an offer from a well-known brand, then use corporate colors. If users are familiar with the company, they will recognize the brand by its colors. This will help increase interest among those users who already know the company's product or service.


Don't try to write too much text. Banners do not require a large amount of text information. If your offer is better advertised through expert texts, then it is better to transfer traffic to the landing page by click. This way, interested users can learn more about the product on their own.

Highlight the main advantages of the offer. You need to figure out how users can benefit from the product or service. Write about it directly and briefly.

Use CTA phrases to motivate users to click on your creative.


Banners still give excellent results if you take into account the features of the advertising format. Try experimenting with visuals and text to find the best strategy. And don't forget about the placement of banners.

We also recommend creating multiple creatives to find the one that converts the most during the optimization process. By the way, you can read another article about how to optimize your campaigns.

The OnClickA’s team wishes you high conversions and clicks. Join us to increase your chances of success!


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