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Get 12 ready-made ad ideas to hype in affiliate marketing. Useful tips and strategies to start advertising

All people look forward to the holidays but some people do more – that's right, they are affiliate marketers! Events are a great chance to revolutionize affiliate marketing and get maximum CTR and profit.

In this article, we will look at the holidays and events that you should not miss, and at the same time, we will talk about advertising strategies that will convert.

Get the ready-made guide and let's hype!

Christmas and New Year

The Christmas holidays are the time when the audience is more ready to buy than ever - all you have to do is attract the attention of users and get your ROI performance.

The best solution is to advertise various products as gifts. For example:
– Promote +18 products as a romantic gift for your significant other.
– Create checklists of gifts with your offers (referral programs are perfect in this case).
– Compare the product with analogs. Show all the main advantages of the product. This will attract those users who are choosing between several options.

Advertising format
If this is your first advertising campaign, then we recommend choosing push notifications and banners. Such strategies do not require complex creatives, so even a beginner can handle the advertising.

Don't forget that your advertising may vary demographically. Learn the GEO before driving traffic to avoid running out of budget. For example, Christmas may be celebrated on December 25 or January 7 (Gregorian or Julian calendar).
You may also notice that Christmas is a more significant holiday than New Year in some countries, or it’s the opposite. This may affect the duration of your ad, so research the country's cultural background before launching your campaign.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

These are unique days of the year because they can bring incredible profits to businesses of different niches. Moreover, many people start preparing for the Christmas holidays on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Offer users the main thing they want to receive during these two events - discounts! You can advertise discounts and bonuses in different verticals, for example:
– discounts on +18 products
– paid subscriptions to various applications or websites

Another good strategy is to show the exclusivity of your offer. For example:
– Use the fortune wheel to give users a chance to win a discount.
– Speed can motivate users to act faster, so add a countdown timer until the discount disappears.
– You can also show how many items are left to purchase at the best possible price.

Advertising format
Push notifications are an excellent choice for informing about discounts. Remember that push notifications cannot be used on iOS, so if you want to drive mobile traffic, it is better to choose GEOs with the high popularity of Android (or you may try in-page for iOS instead).
Popunders can also show excellent results. The main task is to ensure that your landing page does not weigh too much. The point is that your landing page should load quickly enough so users do not close the browser window before watching. Otherwise, you will pay for an empty view.

It is also a good idea to inform about upcoming promotions in advance. Don't forget that frequent impressions do not increase your CTR, but you may spend more. Remember to limit the number of daily impressions.

Sports events

Championships are a great opportunity to cheer for your favorite team and make money betting, so don’t miss this chance! Sports events are the most appropriate time for advertising the betting vertical. Betting is a stable niche that appeals to a wide audience, but demand can fluctuate depending on sports events.

It may be a good idea to choose a strategy with advertising in several GEOs. For example:
– If there is a championship, then find out the schedule. You can drive traffic in those countries that are playing in the coming days. 
– Sports schedules can also help you with retargeting: start your campaign again when the particular team is playing.
– You can reach maximum traffic using a SmartLink: select similar offers for different GEOs, and the SmartLink will automatically determine the relevant offer for a specific location. If your offer is suitable for several countries, SmartLink allows you to use different landing pages for different GEOs.

Advertising format
Choose formats that will allow you to maximize the viewability of your creatives. For example, this is a great chance to explore in-stream. Choose pre-rolls and your advertisement is guaranteed to be watched by as many users as possible.

If you have never made video creatives, but want to master this advertising, then do not rush to get upset! Look for offers that have ready-made promotional videos. According to the experience of our clients, ready-made creatives can bring an excellent CTR, so use this chance!

The best day for dating

Surely, you already guessed that we are talking about Valentine's Day! Couples in love celebrate this day all over the world, but many people are single. This can motivate users to look for a partner, which means affiliates have another option for earning money!

The main secret is to drive traffic in advance. If you advertise dating sites and apps before the event, then users are more likely to have time to find someone to celebrate together with.

– Choose popular applications and drive traffic to several GEOs using a smart link. Or find different applications and advertise them in different locations with the same marketing tool.
– If you want to avoid high competition, then remember that the goals are different. Casual dating can be in very high demand, so don't ignore this niche.
– Tastes may also vary. Try advertising offers for a narrow audience: LGBT dating, age restrictions, etc.

Advertising format
Dating is quite adaptive, so you can try different formats. Push notifications are a time-tested format for the dating vertical because you can make your push notifications look like regular notifications about incoming messages.

Don't focus on Tier 1 only. For example, dating is in huge demand in India and you can get a lot of conversions, so your profits will please you no less than in Tier-1.


We've shown you the strategies that convert. These ideas are quite universal, so you can take them as an example and adapt them to your strategies for advertising during any event. Holidays are a great opportunity to make money not only for experienced advertisers but also for newbies. We hope the article gave you more confidence and you know what to do during the upcoming events!

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