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Find out the main keys of engaging your audience: get useful tips and tools

Audience engagement is a real quest for every affiliate marketer, and the reward for completing is many conversions. OnClickA's team knows the rules of this game, so we suggest you make the completion obvious so that you achieve victory faster!

Keys to engaging your audience

You can choose the advertising format that converts and set your targeting like a real expert. But the results can still be disappointing because you forget about two more important indicators of success - quality and motivation of users to act. Let's dive into these keys!


You can make the most eye-catching creatives (in your mind) but users will ignore them. To avoid this, do not forget about the quality of your advertising. We recommend preparing your creatives step by step patiently, and here are the reasons why:

1. High-quality creatives attract the attention of your potential customers. Attracting attention is the first step to a successful advertising campaign, as it signals that you stand out from the competition.

2. First impressions have a huge impact on your conversions. Form the impression correctly, because often it is the first contact of a user with your offer. The first impression determines whether users decide to learn more about the offer and whether to generate more interest in the product or service.

3. High-quality creatives can look convincing. An experienced marketer can sell not only fresh offers but also those that are losing relevance. This is possible by building trust, and the quality of your creative can convince a user of the value of the offer and the benefits of the purchase.

4. Build trust in the brand you are advertising. If your strategy includes the need to create brand awareness, then the quality of the creatives directly convinces users of the value of the products the business provides.

5. High-quality creatives also help maintain competitiveness. High quality creates the perception of a product as being better than what your competitors offer. This will help you at the stage when the user decides whose product he or she wants to purchase.

How to make your creatives better?

We offer you some tips to increase the quality of your advertising. You will definitely achieve higher conversions if you follow these steps:

Start by researching your target audience. If you understand interests and behavioral patterns, then you can create the most relevant content. Understanding your audience's needs will also help you find the key benefits of your product or service. Tell about the benefits that may be of interest to your potential customers.

Quality isn't just about choosing the best images and videos. It's also about adapting your advertising to different devices. Don't forget to optimize your ads for desktop and mobile traffic so that users see your offer in the best possible way. If you haven't done this before, we recommend you give it a try. You'll be surprised how different your conversions can be!

Choose the best
A/B testing can help you with this task. Compare your creatives to measure performance and optimize your strategy based on your data. You can compare not only creatives but also your landing pages and pre-landing pages.

Build a brand
Your creatives and landing page should have a common style. This will help create a unified perception of your brand and increase awareness. Pay attention not only to the picture and text but also to how they fit together. All materials must form a single content.

Increase uniqueness
Avoid template creatives and strive to create original ideas. This will help you stay competitive and keep your ads always eye-catching. Use spy tools for these purposes. These marketing services help analyze competitors and give you insight into what is best to convert in a certain niche.

Use emotions
Any sale is based on emotions. Use emotions in pictures and texts. For example, you can form your content according to the AIDA principle or visualize the benefits of your product. CTA phrases are also an effective marketing tool that allows you to make your advertising more motivating to take action. Let's take a look at these tools and talk about them in more detail!


There are 4 stages that you will need to motivate users to take a target action. Let's look at each stage of AIDA:

Attract the attention of your target audience. You can use the tips we listed above. The main task is to stand out among other advertising offers of your competitors.

Great, the user noticed your ad. Now you should increase interest in the product or service. Tell about the unique features and benefits that may be of interest to your target audience. Each product can provide different benefits to different people, for example: imagine that you are advertising a cleaning service. You can promote cleaning as an opportunity to streamline routines for people who work a lot and don't have time for housekeeping. Or you can tell moms about a way they can save time and energy so they can spend more time with their babies. The benefit of your product should solve your potential customer’s problem.

Increase desire by adding more information about the value of the product. For example, you can use expert opinions or positive reviews from other customers.

This is the fourth stage, which means it’s time to encourage users to take action. This is where CTA phrases come in handy, so now we move on to the next marketing tool.

CTA phrases

A CTA is a simple and clear call to action. Correctly formulated CTA phrases can help you significantly increase conversions, so here are some tips:

The phrase should be easy to understand and remember. Avoid complex and confusing language.

Introduce an element of urgency to motivate users to take immediate action. For example, “Limited offer”, “Today only”, and “Discount 30 minutes only”.

Tell about the benefit that users will receive if they perform the target action. For example, “Get a 20% discount”, “Get a free consultation”, and “Find out more”.

Use active verbs that give energy and movement. For example, “Buy now”, “Try for free”, and “Join us”.

Show exclusivity to your audience. Users perform targeted actions more easily if they perceive special conditions. For example, “Your discount is waiting for you!”

OnClickA’s recommendation: A/B tests of different CTA phrases assist in determining which phrase is most effective for your ad strategy.


We hope you found this article useful and now you know how to improve the quality of your creatives. We wish you increased conversions and profits!

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