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Let's analyze all the basic issues so that you can create your own video advertising

The OnClickA’s team welcomes you! Surely you keep following affiliate marketing trends and have already discovered the main trend. Yeah, we're talking about video advertising!

The marketing industry is changing at an incredible rate, so there are more and more new ways to get the attention of your target audience. In the modern world, interactive advertising is top in terms of efficiency. That’s why in this article we propose to analyze all the basic issues so that you can create your own video advertising!

Video advertising formats

Creating a campaign starts with choosing an offer and advertising format. We will analyze all video formats so that you can determine the most suitable one for yourself.


These are videos that are shown to users while watching another video. Three types can be distinguished:

Pre-rolls. These videos are shown to users before they start watching the videos that they are about to watch. As a rule, short videos of 15-20 seconds cannot be skipped, and long videos can be skipped after a time determined by the advertiser.

Mid-rolls. This ad format interrupts the video in the middle of watching.

Post-rolls. Such advertisements appear after the user finishes watching the video.

The simplest one of these formats is pre-rolls since users expect to see advertising before starting to watch the video. You will need to take into account the features of mid-rolls and post-rolls to get high performance. The fact is that these formats make it more difficult to get the attention of users to make them want to find out what the ads are about.


Such video advertising can be shown to users even on sites that do not have a player. The format is embedded into the content of the traffic source, so it is considered the least annoying.

The main recommendation for working with out-stream is to choose traffic sources that match your offer. For example, if your offer is a cure for knee pain, then it would be weird to advertise on a travel site.

Video slider

This format is very similar to banners. If banners are a picture or GIF image, then the video slider allows you to display videos as banners. This format is perfect for those who have already worked with banners and want to increase their performance through video trends. We can also add that the format is perfect for beginners.

Now you know the three main video formats with which you can promote your offers. Now we offer to learn some basic tips so that you can create company videos even if you are a newcomer in affiliate marketing. And if you already have experience in affiliate marketing, then perhaps you will find valuable recommendations for your campaigns and increase your ROI.

How to make a video ad that converts

We have prepared a list of several recommendations that may be useful for various advertising strategies and offers.

The simplest advice is to use only high-quality videos. Users may ignore low-quality videos and you will not get the expected results. Moreover, high-quality advertising can give the feeling of a high-quality product, so low-quality advertising may have less user’ trust.

Don't use high contrast. We understand that you want to make your ad stand out, but high contrast doesn't make it more attractive.

Consider video speed. We advise you not to choose videos that are too flashy or blinking. Do not keep your videos too slow. Keep it dynamic so your video doesn't bore users. But don't overdo it.

Try to choose videos that have 1-2 main elements. If your video is too detailed, you will quickly lose users' attention.

If you don’t have a video, check to see if the owner of the offer has made a promotional video. If you were able to find a promotional video, then try advertising it.

Show the process. This tip is especially useful for working with gaming offers. You can take a screen video to show the game process.

Don't forget that you should attract the user's attention in the first seconds of your video ad. Before advertising, think about the main benefits that the user can get from your offer.

Don't try to give as much information as possible at once. Use short sentences with direct meaning. If your offer assumes that users will want to know more information about a product or service, then leave plenty of text on the landing page. This advice applies especially to the Nutra vertical.

Don't forget to use CTA phrases to motivate users to click on your creative.

Consider the specifics of the GEO where you want to display advertising. Study the peculiarities of the country and mentality so as not to use prohibited phrases or symbols in the video.

Create several different creatives to determine which ones convert the best. This tip will help you during the optimization step to find the best advertising strategy. You can read another article on OnClickA with tips on how to optimize your advertising campaign.

These are the main tips we wanted to give you. Video advertising is universal and even novice marketers can master it. And if you want to create your first campaign, then do not hesitate to contact your personal manager with any questions. Your manager will be able to analyze your campaign and give valuable advice so that you can get even more ROI results.

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