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In this article we will uncover 6 basic emotional triggers that will turn users into your potential customers

Welcome to OnClicka Academy! What drives sales? Every purchase is based on an emotional impulse, so the main secret of your sales is giving your audience emotions. But how to achieve this? This is the main topic of the article!
We will uncover 6 basic emotional triggers that will turn users into your potential customers.


There is a term called FOMO which means Fear of Missing Out. This is a human mental state when a person feels that he/she could potentially miss out on something significant in life. This behavior has begun to evolve with the advent of multiple sources of information, as people want to keep up with the times.

FOMO has become one of the effective marketing features. A successful example of this behavior is describing the opportunities that users might miss if they ignore a product or service.

How can it be used?
Show the exclusivity of your offer, for example, provide a large discount that a user rarely faces. Offer additional bonuses and gifts if a purchase was made at the right time.


This is another interesting acronym that hides the key to creating a persuasive copy. The tone of voice is a communication style that helps make a brand more memorable. Forget about robotic texts and create a unique style to speak directly to your audience. This is a deeper stage of working with an offer since you should analyze which text style is more suitable:
– funny or serious
– formal or colloquial
– respectful or defiant
– enthusiastic or emotion controlling

How to use?

ToV can increase your brand awareness and your competitiveness. It is suitable for long-term traffic driving and quick strategies as well. Use for short phrases made to attract attention:
– Don’t use “Time is limited,” it’s better to write “Hurry up, the offer expires in 24 hours!” This example creates a vivid image of time slipping away.


You can enhance your Tone of Voice using Call-to-Action phrases. Add clear verbs that motivate the audience to act here and now.

Here is an example of how you can combine CTA and Tov:
You can use “get a bonus” in a formal style, or say “grab your bonus” if your style is colloquial.

Also, don’t forget to add urgency to the decision and show the benefits:
“Use the bonus to get -18%” or “grab your -18% bonus instantly”
“Buy weight loss pills to get a quick result” or “Lose 10 kilos in 30 days”

Your CTA phrases should be short and clear, but you can also complement them with eye-catching visual triggers.


Have you ever noticed that limit reminders act as an incentive not to put off a purchase? For example, the phrase “while supplies last” evokes a sudden desire not to miss out on the benefit. A shortage of time or products activates an impulse that makes the product valuable and exceptional. Emphasize the exclusivity of the offer by informing users about the quantity, for example, “43 products left.”


These little funny images can do more than just make your chat more fun. Emojis can be used in affiliate marketing as well! Web push and in-page are perfect to use this method, as these formats resemble incoming notifications.

Add emoji that connote urgency, for example:
– use lightning and fire to show urgency
– money emoji can be associated with favorable prices and discounts
– wondering can also attract more attention to your creative

Don't use too many emojis to avoid damaging your ad investments. A long combination of emoji looks like a puzzle that should be solved.

Time counter

This is a powerful technique for increasing the effectiveness of landing pages because nothing screams urgency more than clock ticking. This visual trigger acts as a signal that your supply is limited, which encourages FOMO behavior. The advantage of a countdown counter is that it does not add much weight to the landing page and the fast loading does not allow user interest to get lost.


All of these techniques can bring greater engagement, so you can combine them. Don't forget to increase the relevance of your offer - reach your target audience so that your advertising is displayed to potential customers only. OnClickA is always at your service to provide traffic from reputable sources, which is verified by our high-tech anti-fraud system!


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