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This article will guide you through the process of selecting the right vertical for your affiliate marketing journey.

So, you have decided to master affiliate marketing and it means you have already found an advertising network and decided on an offer. Wait, you don't have an offer? So this is the right time to fix it!

In this article, we will walk you through the main issues so that after reading, you can easily choose an offer and start managing affiliate marketing more confidently. Let's go find out the topic!

What are verticals?

Verticals are a marketing group of certain products or services that are united by one theme. In addition, a vertical can combine offers for which certain traffic sources are suitable.

Often, newbies try different verticals to find those products and services that bring the most profit in affiliate marketing. As a result, many affiliate marketers are versatile and can tell you the specifics of each vertical. But the problem is that they do not know at least one vertical clearly.

If you want to become a successful advertiser, then we recommend that you find a specific vertical that you want to continue working with. We understand your desire to experiment at the beginning of your marketing journey, but after testing, identifying a niche should happen.

OnClickA's tip: Find 1-2 niches and keep exploring.

You might be surprised to find out how every niche can be multi-faceted. Never think that it’s enough to learn how to make high-quality and attractive creatives or to find a strategy that converts. You may find that your strategy does not produce high ROI performance in different locations due to demographic differences. Also, affiliate marketing is rapidly evolving and changing, so the user experience may also change. All these factors require adaptation to new marketing conditions.

Which verticals to choose?

We understand your concerns about making the wrong choice of vertical and losing your advertising budget. But you don't need to worry as we have prepared for you the best niches that are great for beginners.

Each of these verticals has these advantages:

- Stability in the market. Demand hardly changes due to external factors, so you can advertise them without fear of losing popularity;
- These niches are great for advertising throughout the year since the seasonality factor means nothing to them;
- Adaptability to different advertising formats will be a great help for beginners who are limited in choice due to their skills;
- Suitability for a wide audience will help you achieve conversions more easily if you are afraid of failure due to a lack of target experience.

You can choose any vertical from this article as we provide you with a list of the most proven verticals that have proven consistently high demand. Let's move on to our top verticals!

Top verticals from OnClickA

We have provided you with the main advantages of verticals that are recommended for beginners - these parameters correspond to adult verticals. What are +18 niches:
- gambling (casino)
- betting (bookmakers)
- nutra (enlargers, weight loss pills, etc.)
- sweepstakes (for example, the opportunity to win an iPhone for free)
- utilities (applications, +18 games, etc.)
- webcams (attracting users to a platform or advertising certain models, searching for new webcam models)
- adult (porn sites, +18 online stores, etc.)
- dating (casual dating apps and platforms)

OnClickA’s tip: you can choose any vertical and begin learning it. When you gain experience, you can try a similar niche and explore it much faster (for example, gambling + betting, or webcam + dating + adult). You may notice that these verticals have similar advertising processes and strategies.

We hope that the article was useful to you. Join OnClickA if you are looking for high-quality traffic for your ads!


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