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In today's article we consider the video ad formats available at OnClicka to drive mainstream and dating traffic!

Why Video Ads is the #1 tool to drive traffic today? 

Brands used to promote on newspapers, brochures, broadcast and cable TV, but now they are increasingly using digital advertisements instead. Brands are raising their video ad spending while also embracing digital channels rather than old ways of distribution. With video advertisers can promote products and services more effectively. For starters, most individuals prefer video material to text adverts.

Video material is more memorable to viewers than text-based information, increasing the likelihood of better brand recall. Videos convey stories and help brands find their voice. The fact that video advertising tells more compelling narratives than traditional banner ads makes them not only more fascinating but also more clickable. But the question is, are you marketing your business efficiently using video advertisement?

3 reasons why video advertisement is #1

1. Video advertisements have a higher engagement 

Video advertising can generate six times more interaction than picture ads if only video ad formats advertisers are being used properly. Prospects are more likely to understand and be motivated by video information. All of these aspects make individuals more inclined to take action and hence enhance conversions, particularly when compared to text-based communications. 

2. Video Advertisements are shearable

The viral nature of video material increases its shareability. A fascinating video may quickly gain popularity when consumers share it with their networks, resulting in massive increases in views and engagement. This popularity not only expands the reach of the material but also improves the recognition and impact of those who share it.

3. Video advertisement has higher clicks-through rates

Video advertising also offers a greater completion rate than standard banners, which drives more people to the checkout page regardless of whether they view the video advertisement or not. The analysis discovered that visitors who viewed the ad but did not click on it were far more engaged with the site than those who arrived via video ad click-through.

Videos not only boost the amount of time readers and viewers spend on your website, but they also aid to increase traffic. Using video marketing to drive traffic to your website  , make sure that as many people as possible watch your films. In other words, your films have the potential to both retain and attract new clients. Aside from increasing client retention, films improve your SEO.

Differences in Video Ad Formats (In-Stream / Out-Stream / Video Slider)

In OnclcikA, you can develop appealing video campaigns using a variety of video advertising formats to engage visitors in various ways. The most commonly used video ad formats are, in-stream ads, out-stream, and video slider. So, what are these video ad formats that many talk about what are their difference from each other?


In stream video ads appear within a video stream, or when a user is watching non-advertisement video content. If you've ever watched a video advertisement while watching your favorite vlog or any other video on YouTube and Facebook, you've probably seen an in-stream ad.


Outstream video advertisements, as compared to instream video advertisements, appear in a website's sidebar, corner, or editorial content. Publishers can serve out-stream advertisements natively on a web page or through a third-party video player; content is not required for out-stream video ads. Outstream advertisements were originally created as a mobile ad type, but they have rapidly proven quite profitable in the desktop advertising market as well.

Video Slider

The Video Slider format is an advertising tool that displays video content in a slider format on web pages. These sliders contain video ads that play automatically as the user scrolls down the page.

Recommendations on Creating Video Ads on Dating and Mainstream

In general, Mainstream and Dating are ones of the most popular niches in digital marketing. Your target audience is as diverse as possible, including people of all ages, genders, and nationalities. Creating a great video ad for dating and mainstream might be a difficult procedure.

Do you want to know how to make your advertisement stand out in the overcrowded digital landscape?

Tell a Story

People like hearing stories they can relate to, and videos can provoke these emotions and establish a deeper connection with your audience, which may help you build trust and form a closer relationship with your consumers. The more you give your audience that sense of connection, the more they are likely to get invested.

Grab Attention from the Start

We can relate this to the first recommendation, which is telling a story, on video advertising aside from telling a story you need to grab your audience at first glance and action. You are given a few seconds to captivate your audience's attention, so make it count! Begin your video advertisement with a boom by displaying something surprising, fascinating, or emotionally appealing.

Highlight the Brand’s Success

One of the many ways to grab your audience's attention is to highlight your brand's success. It is human nature to get inspired by the success of others therefore highlighting your company's success will make your audience try your brands' services and offers and help enhance its visibility and credibility.

Pick the Right Ad Network

Selecting the ideal ad network is essential for the success of your advertising campaign. Factors like ad type, target audience, pricing model, ad quality, and support and reporting should guide your choice to ensure it aligns with your campaign goals and budget. This comprehensive approach ensures you're not just choosing any platform, but one that truly fits your specific needs and objectives.

At Onclicka, we understand the importance of finding the perfect ad network that encompasses all these critical factors. But beyond just meeting these criteria, we offer something more - ease of use and immediate action. With Onclicka, you can start running your ads right now, without any complicated setup or lengthy approval processes. This immediate access to ad placements means you can launch your campaign swiftly, ensuring your message reaches your target audience when it matters most. Our platform simplifies the advertising process, making it accessible, efficient, and effective for businesses of all sizes. So, why choose us? Because at Onclicka, we not only meet your advertising needs but also value your time and the urgency of your campaigns.

How to Start Video Ad Campaign at OnClickA

Creating video ads on OnclickA is easy:

1. Sign into OnClickA website;

2. Go to “Create Campaign” section and choose “video”

There are 3 types of video ads:

  • In-Stream
  • Out-Stream
  • Video Slider
video ads for advertisers 1.png

3. Fill in the required information: Enter your Campaign Name and Campaign Group

Choose your Pricing Model: CPM or CPC

4. Select ad from the ads you created before or create a new one.

5. Select categories and source:

  • Select between RON (allowing ads to target all websites available) or Premium (exclusive websites list with the highest rank)
  • Blacklist (excluding specific ad placements for your campaigns) or Whitelist (advertise on concrete ad placements selected)
video ads for advertisers 2.png

6. Select targeting by Country or IP Ranges:

If By Country

  • Select which GEO(s)
  • And, Device type

If By IP Ranges

  • Enter IP range list
  • Select device type

7. Set additional settings (if necessary): Browser, Operating System, IP2 location types, IPv6 Traffic

video ads for advertisers 3.png

8. Set the Limit Type (if necessary)

We recommend to not set narrow targeting at the beginning and to optimize your campaign step by step.

If you are satisfied with your campaign setting, click “Creat Campaign”


Creating captivating video content is the cornerstone of every effective video marketing plan. It's the first step in getting your target audience's attention and motivating them to interact with your business. But what makes a video "compelling?” Essentially, it is all about producing content that is relevant, interesting, and beneficial to your target audience.

But it doesn't end there, if you want your video advertisement to be successful OnclickA is here to save the day, with our advanced and easy-to-navigate video ad formats. Drive traffic with OnclickA's video ads!