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The list of trendy ideas for driving traffic on Black Friday

The peak season for every affiliate marketer is coming - it's none other than the dynamic duo of Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Everyone is looking forward to these events: people are going to spend saved money on many purchases, and sellers and marketers are anticipating a colossal increase in profits. Ignoring these events is a real crime for every affiliate!

If you want to get a piece of your money during Black Friday, then OnClickA is at your service! We have prepared the most effective strategies for you so that you can immediately start advertising without wasting time on a chaotic search for where to start. Let the journey to clicks and conversions start!

Which offers to choose?

Before we begin, let's decide on the choice of the most profitable niches for advertising. Demand increases significantly in different niches during the Black Friday period, but we suggest choosing those niches that correspond to these indicators:
– popularity among a wide audience to more easily reach the target audience;
– adaptability to all GEOs to cover as much traffic as possible;
– flexibility in choosing advertising formats to test different strategies.

Dating verticals fit this description best. Yeah, mainstream can also bring excellent CTR, but these niches remain for a narrow audience anyway. If you don’t want to settle for less but want to get maximum profit, then we recommend choosing +18 offers: dating, webcam, nutra, sweepstakes, utilities, gambling, and betting.

In this article, we offer only those strategies that you can adapt to any niche. Let's dive in!

1: Use discounts

Even a toddler knows that Black Friday is the main day of the year when you can buy something with the greatest profit. Why not use this?

If you want to launch a campaign for Black Friday, it is better to do it in advance - 3-7 days are optimal for preparing users for the event. You can advertise by announcing upcoming discounts and bonuses. Push notifications and banners are well suited for these goals. This could be an additional campaign to the main one - this will help you attract the attention of your audience and motivate them to act more actively. In this strategy, the bad idea is to try to show the offer as many times as possible.

You can also use Cyber Monday as an opportunity to retarget and encourage users to grab the latest bonuses if they missed Black Friday.

2: Promote gifts

Benefits motivate many users to start preparing for Christmas earlier, so you can advertise offers as good gift ideas. This can be done in different ways, it all depends on your imagination. Here are some ideas:

1. Think about who might be interested in your offer. For example, if this is a product for middle-aged men, then you can drive traffic to a female audience by offering to buy the product as a gift for the husband.

2. Compare the product with analogs. People love to feel benefits, so give it to them. Tell us why your product is different from analogs on the market and what benefits the user will receive by purchasing it. And if you add discounts, your CTR may pleasantly surprise you.

3. Make checklists using a link to your offer. For example, test referral programs - make checklists with different products and add referral links. This is a great opportunity to get more payouts since you can earn money regardless of which product from the checklist users choose.

3: Show uniqueness

Engaging with user feelings is one of the best marketing tips. Users can make quick purchases if they feel that the product or service is exclusive. You can show this in different ways:

1. “It will be impossible to buy in 30 minutes!” – use a countdown timer to show users the need to act urgently. Popunders can be one of the best advertising formats in this case. In addition, this is a very simple format, which means even beginners can take the first successful step in affiliate marketing.

2. “Spin the wheel and win prizes!” – who doesn’t like to try a chance to get unique conditions? Make a small “sweepstake” and give users promo codes and discounts.

3. “Stop thinking, this product is almost sold out, it’s time to act!” – add a counter that counts the number of sales made. You can also add a counter that will show how many products are left.

4. “Answer 5 questions and win a discount!” – add small quizzes and offer users a personal discount for their correct answers.

How to adapt these strategies?

Affiliate marketing offers enormous opportunities to those who are not afraid of mistakes and are willing to experiment. As we said above, these strategies are great for advertising in all niches. To inspire you to find new ideas, we offer a small list of ready-made ideas from OnClickA:
1. Promote dating products as romantic gifts for your significant other.
2. If you have enough skills, then make a randomizer that shows random products (one of those you advertise) - the main thing is that the products are from the same niche.
3. Use push notifications to promote paid subscriptions to apps that users are interested in.
4. Use simple gambling and betting strategies in your advertising and offer special Black Friday discounts.
5. Use a smart link to cover several GEOs at the same time.

We hope that you found our article useful and that you are motivated and energized to start revolutionizing affiliate marketing!

Start your traffic-driving adventure with OnClickA!

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