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In this article we will consider the dating vertical in affiliate marketing in 2024, its Top GEOs and ad formats.

Change is not only constant, but also anticipated in the quick expanding internet scene, particularly in the field of online dating. Trends change over time, reflecting variations in human tastes and the global landscape. As we enter 2024, the course of online dating has surely been impacted by substantial changes in audience behavior and preference, preparing the stage for the introduction of new dating ads ideas and trends.

The dating affiliate market takes center stage, creating a symphony of promos, dating ads marketing, and incentives aimed at winning the hearts—and wallets—of romantic hopefuls worldwide.

The Face of Dating Affiliate Market in 2024

The dating affiliate market is set to face significant changes this year, caused by technological advances and changing consumer preferences. Platforms are adopting improve user experiences, affiliate marketing is taking dating ads marketing into the next level. With mobile usage on the rise, affiliates are focusing on advertising platforms that offer smooth mobile optimization. Content marketing and influencer collaborations are critical for increasing user engagement, while subscription-based models provide long-term income opportunities. Targeting specific geographic locations and remaining compliance with changing rules are also critical for success in the highly competitive dating affiliate industry of 2024.

What to Focus on When Running Dating Campaigns During St. Valentine’s Day?

1. Countries Where Dating Apps Are Popular

For St. Valentine's Day dating marketing, focus on Geos where dating apps are popular such as Tier-1 countries. And of course on geo with unique dating culture and tech-savvy population, like Japan. India's booming online dating industry, particularly among young people, is another goldmine. Craft your dating ads marketing push formats to fit the moods of each place, ensuring that your campaign is appealing.

Choosing Your Ad Format

The most popular ad forms for dating campaigns include in-page and social bar advertisements, popunder ads, and push notifications. These forms effectively capture user attention while being hidden, enabling for seamless inclusion into browsing experiences. They employ attractive imagery and targeted language to increase user engagement and conversions, eventually improving the effectiveness of dating campaigns.

So, what are these formats and why are they your best choice?

In-Page & Social Bar

This option is great for St. Valentine's Day since dating in-page ads mix in with romantic-themed content, attracting viewers' interest without being invasive. They improve the user experience while efficiently marketing dating services or deals, making them ideal for Valentine's Day promotions.


Dating popunder ads are ideal for Valentine's Day promotions since they attract consumers' attention without disrupting their surfing. They provide a discreet approach to promote dating platforms or special discounts, which fits perfectly with the romantic atmosphere of the event. Popunders employ visually attractive images and tailored messaging to pique users' interest and increase engagement with advertised content. Overall, they strike an appropriate mix between exposure and user experience, making them an excellent choice for Valentine's Day ads.

Push Notification

Push notifications are an excellent choice for Valentine's Day advertising since they provide a direct and rapid means of reaching users. They can notify users about new matches, messages, or special offers, keeping them active on the dating platform. Push notifications may be tailored to reflect user preferences, improving the chance of interaction. Overall, push notifications are excellent in increasing user engagement and retention throughout the Valentine's Day season.


In order to be effective in 2024, dating affiliate marketing must change to reflect shifting customer tastes and technology advancements. Target popular Tier-1 GEOs, Japan, and India, customizing advertisements to local dating traditions. Select ad types such as dating in-page ad, dating popunders ads, and push notifications to seamlessly connect with user experiences and catch attention. Use these methods, along with unique bonus offers, to increase engagement and conversions throughout the competitive St. Valentine's Day season.

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